My Book:

I’m so excited that this labor of love is coming to fruition! Final editing is underway. The beautiful cover artwork by Sophie Binder Designs is complete. I hope to have this book in your hands soon!

That Which We Already Know is about stillness of mind. Part childhood memoir, part spiritual enquiry, part psychological and philosophical exploration, That Which We Already Know paints a picture of our fall from grace and ultimate redemption via the recollection of childhood truth: that we arise in this world with an innate capacity to experience stillness. There is nothing for us to learn in this regard. We simply need ease our adopted selves out of the way in order to realize how very much we already know.

That Which We Already Know began as a flash of inspiration upon waking one morning. It seemed that in an instant I saw the arc of my life with perfect clarity. Raised Christian, I’ve been a practicing Zen Buddhist for nearly thirty years. This book recounts how I found solace as a child in a veritable garden of Eden, with the specter of war and a fallen world lurking just over the horizon. It would take me years of lived experience and formal Zen practice to fully appreciate the true nature of those formative years.

Information on how to purchase That Which We Already Know will be forthcoming!

My Blogs:

That Which We Already Know began as a series of blog posts on Crossing Nebraska. Ultimately, the creative process caused the book-length manuscript to veer far enough from those initial drafts for me to decide to take most of them down. However, a few of them still remain there. Please read some excerpts of the book here, here, and here.

My blog here on Heartland Contemplative is a different flavor than Crossing Nebraska. Perhaps it’s a bit less expository and a bit more naturalistic and experiential. You decide! Thank you!